Gray Hallberg is the founder & lead guitarist of Wooly Mammoth. In addition to honing his guitar chops by studying with local legend Chris Leigh, Gray studied jazz performance at the University of Vermont and theory and composition at the University of Colorado. Currently residing in Boston, he plays and sings with the punk rock group At Least We Tried and blues-driven Wooly Mammoth.

Mike LaChance has been hacking around on bass on and off since high school. He studies double bass with Jim Hunter at String Theory School of Music. Mike also plays with Cabin Fever, a local bluegrass band.

Toby Halsey has played guitar for fun for 30 years. He joined Wooly Mammoth at the first Mystic Blues Festival and played at the Racer’s Jam for 5 years supporting Mudhead Benefit Cup for Hospice. 

Jay Hartley keeps he beat for Wooly Mammoth plus plays with Gren Tea, the Phil Dams Band and is in demand for many other CT & RI bands.

Scott Parry first performed an original song in 1969 when he was 7 years old.  From that auspicious beginning in a piano recital in the basement of St Mary’s church in Stonington Borough, which led to a lifetime of playing music from coast to coast, his music career has come full circle.  He’s once again playing solo gigs and backing up his original songs with his honky-tonk blues piano, though over the years he has added a Gibson Hummingbird 6-string, and a Guild 12-string rhythm guitar to the act. 

Returning to Mystic in 2015 after thirty years of living almost everywhere else, Scott has reconnected with his local music roots and enjoys playing the occasional solo act, and from time to time can be seen playing keyboards with local band Wooly Mammoth. 

Landing in Charlotte NC in 2009, Scott had a successful run-in with the local music scene, starting Impermanence Studios and recording numerous Charlotte-based artists such as Grey Revell, Zoe Vette & The Revolvers, Paleface, Case Federal, and many others.  From 2009 to 2014, he played keyboards for local celebrity and math whiz Christina Raine and her band The Square Roots; and was the founding keyboardist for Grey Revell’s Roman Candles, until a job change caused him to flame out.  Prior to moving to Charlotte, Scott took all he could take playing keyboards with a band called The Give in Fairfield, CT.   

He has written dozens of original songs, a few of which have made their way onto various albums over the years, including Delivery Man, released on Goffa Love’s Black and Blue album, and his most successful songs Only the Only and Foggy Night, which have been covered by multiple recording artists and received radio time in Nashville.   

Rest in Peace, Erik. We miss you.

Erik Laisi has been grooving in the pocket since he first picked up drumsticks. Erik is a founding member of Wooly Mammoth, which originally formed in Boston in 2013. A graduate of Monmouth University, he has been playing drums professionally for the last ten years, primarily in southeastern Connecticut as well as the greater Boston area. For many years, Erik has studied with jazz legend Chuck Riggs, mastering the delicate art of swing and bebop drumming.  In addition to his jazz chops, Erik is equally at home playing blues, rock, funk, and honky tonk music.

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"The band is so much fun! The staff loves having them play here!" – Allison Nasin, Captain Daniel Packer Inne 

"Had no idea they would be THIS good!" - Gowan Macavity