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​The Vibe

Wooly Mammoth is about friendship. Officially started in 2013, most of the players have been jamming together for years in various places, parties, open mic nights and wherever they found each other with instruments lying around.  

Wooly is infused with the "Mystic Vibe", which is heavy on having fun, keeping it loose, and lots of long jams. While Wooly's original songs give us our unique sound, our set list includes songs from the Dead, Phish, String Cheese Incident, Wide Spread Panic and other world-class jam bands. From rock to bluegrass to Americana folk, Wooly Mammoth always ensures that people are dancing, having a great time, and wanting to come back for more.

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​upcoming shows



12/15, 6-9pm

Mudhead Holiday Party

Mystic Yachting Center
100 Essex Street (at Mystic Shipyard)


Grand Opening of The Barn
13 Fort Hill Road Groton, CT 
Live Music 12PM-10PM 
Kurt and Helen Band | 12pm
F & Blues Band | 2pm 
The Night Shakers | 4pm 
Wooly Mammoth| 6m 
5 Card Drew | 8pm
Provisions / Food Trucks:
JR's Deli 
Par 4 Curbside 
By pre-reserving your ticket today, you will receive one of our very own Farmers Lager or Haze for Horses IPA—FREE of charge on 12/18. Reserve your FREE ticket at:

12/26 - Private Event


Jan. 15 The Barn 8pm

13 Fort Hill Road

Groton, CT

Feb. 11 , 9pm, Richoni's

224 Poquonnock Rd, Groton, CT

April 1, 9pm, Richoni's
224 Poquonnock Rd, Groton, CT

June 3, 9pm, Richoni's
224 Poquonnock Rd, Groton, CT

June 25, 8pm, River Jam

August 13, 5pm, Summer Jam


Gray Hallberg & Toby Halsey

1/8/22, 10pm, Daniel Packer Inne

1/13/22, 8pm The Tap Room (next to the Knick)

2/5/22, 10pm, Daniel Packer Inne

3/5/22, 10pm, Daniel Packer Inne

4/2/22, 10pm, Daniel Packer Inne

5/4/22, 10pm, Daniel Packer Inne

6/4/22, 10pm, Daniel Packer Inne

7/2/22, 10pm, Daniel Packer Inne

8/6/22, 10pm, Daniel Packer Inne

9/17/22, 10pm, Daniel Packer Inne

10/22/22, 10pm, Daniel Packer Inne

11/19/22, 10pm, Daniel Packer Inne

12/10/22, 10pm, Daniel Packer Inne

Thank you Sam Greenfield

for the awesome drone footage!

Wooly Mammoth is:

Gray Hallberg, Guitar & Vocals

Toby Halsey, Guitar & Vocals

Mike LaChance, Bass

Scott Parry, Keys & Vocals

Chris Chapman, Drums

And always, Erik Laisi.