Rest in Peace, Erik. We miss you.

Erik Laisi grooved in the pocket since he first picked up drumsticks. Erik was a founding member of Wooly Mammoth, which originally formed in Boston in 2013. A graduate of Monmouth University, he played drums professionally for over ten years, primarily in southeastern Connecticut as well as the greater Boston area. For many years, Erik studied with jazz legend Chuck Riggs, mastering the delicate art of swing and bebop drumming.  In addition to his jazz chops, Erik was equally at home playing blues, rock, funk, and honky tonk music.

Gray Hallberg is the founder & lead guitarist of Wooly Mammoth. In addition to honing his guitar chops by studying with local legend Chris Leigh, Gray studied jazz performance at the University of Vermont and theory and composition at the University of Colorado. Currently residing in Stonington, CT, he plays and sings with the blues-driven Wooly Mammoth. 

Toby Halsey has been playing guitar for fun for over 30 years. He is an original member of Wooly Mammoth debuting at the first Mystic Blues Festival in 2013. Toby has a wide range of influences, most notably blues, classic rock, and jam bands - with a flavoring of country and bluegrass. Toby is also an avid sailor and racer which takes him to many corners of the globe.

Sledge, as he is known by his oldest friends, local musicians & in sailboat racing circles, grew up in a small New England seaside town where hard-working fishermen and wealthy yachtsmen bonded over their mutual love of live music, the ocean, and silly nicknames. Jonathan Smith, as he is known by his clients (& mother), credits his knowledge of theory to Cutler Middle School's Mr. Spargo & Mr. Moody. Gigging experiences include a classical guitar quartet by day &  an original punk band by night while at UCONN, jam bands as a ski bum in VT, while more recent bass duties include a southern rock & country band, rap/rock band, Flowers & Kain, & always saying yes when asked to sit in on bass. When not adding a tasty amount of rock edge with Wooly Mammoth, Sledge enjoys biking, boating, books, beekeeping and a few other Bs.

​Scott Parry first performed an original song when he was 7 years old in a piano recital in the basement of St Mary’s church in Stonington Borough, which led to a lifetime of playing music from coast to coast.   Returning to Mystic after living almost everywhere else, Scott has reconnected with the local Mystic music scene as the keyboardist with Wooly Mammoth. 

Chris Chapman has been involved in music since he was a teen. Formally trained in drums and percussion, Chris has experience playing almost every type of music, ranging from Classical to Rock and Jazz. Music is one of Chris’ true passions. He enjoys listening and playing daily, as well as seeking out and attending live performances as much as possible!